Down the Garden Path Exhibit August 2019

Through the efforts of everyone in the Quilt and Stitch Group we held a successful floral quilt exhibit in the Naugles barn at Hallockville during their Country Fair this August. From cleaning the barn with Marie, Barbara, Suzanne and her sisters, to hanging quilts with JoAnne and Pat, we trooped through nearly 95 degrees and high humidity to get the exhibit ready. We presented a garden themed exhibit that the public enjoyed, we saw over 3,000 attendees over the weekend event. We sold raffle tickets, books, fabric, threads and more to inspire the art of sewing and needle work. We were also able to share two of the oldest quilts in the museums collection, one made in 1825 and one in 1850. Marie brought us a ton of giant sunflowers to decorate the exhibit. The exhibit could not have been possible without the support of all the ladies who helped during Saturday and Sunday as well. A BIG THANK YOU to: Anne A., Sue B., Liz B., Marie D., Suzanne J., Holly R., Jean F., Mary H., Pat C., Stephanie K., JoAnne M., Ruth M., Ursula W., Barbara C., June B., and Barbara J. for taking the time to donate fabric, loan quilts, or help out in the barn in the hot August days to help pull it off!

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