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Hi All, 

For the beginning of 2021 we will still be meeting virtually, twice a month via zoom. See our Get Togethers page for specific dates and times, email to be included, all are welcome.

At the farm we are trying our virtual embroidery classes with wool projects, one being a Snowy Cabin in the Woods Sew-Along January 16 & February 20. There are wool kits over at the farm with a pattern for $25 or a pattern for $10, either can be mailed to you before January 16. See the blog post to the right for ideas for your next Winter needlework project. More coming soon! 

We received a HUGE donation of fabric from Pat H. of Riverhead as she packs to move down south. We already have ideas swimming in our heads. Holiday fabric has been bundled up for sale in the gift shop. Find your next holiday project there! Fabric bundles in coordinated colors are also available there for $5 and $10!  Donated fabric and sewing items are often received by Hallockville Museum Farm and as volunteers we try to ensure that they are used as efficiently as possible, from raffle quilts, to classes, to made items for the gift shop, challenges for exhibit, donations to local charities making items for the needy or ill, the goods find their way to be of use. I hear there will be books and embroidery patterns in the Spring. There are so many things we can do with these donations, but we cannot take more than one sizable donation a year due to storage limitations at the farm. 


This year we hope to make more handmade items for the gift shop, shepherd the gift shop wit more in-person hours, teach more classes (virtually at first), hope to see you at the Spring events outside, challenge ourselves and encourage all around us to sew and learn something new.

ONWARD to 2021!!!


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