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News and Notes

Hi All,


First of all THANK YOU to everyone who helped with our "Down The Garden Path" floral quilt exhibit we held in the Naugles barn during the Country Fair at Hallockville. From cleaning the barn (a herculean task in the heat) to running clothesline, hanging quilts and decorating. Pictures will be posted on our website: www.HQASG.com. We hung quilts loaned from many of you and the public really enjoyed them. The fair saw around 3,000 on the grounds during the 2 day event and we sold over $500 in raffle tickets and fabric goods in the barn.


Our next Get Together is next Saturday September 21, 10 am - 1 pm due to traffic. Come out early, traffic starts loading up after ten am. We will be talking about activities for 2020 and our next raffle items to be created/collected. Bring your sewing and meet us in the Hudson House classroom (the usual place). The October 19 Get Together will also be 10 am - 1 pm due to the continuing traffic problem on Sound Avenue as we roll into Fall.


We are gearing up for gift shopping season! The holiday stuff is already popping up in the craft stores. If you would like to make some ornaments for the gift shop at Hallockville either as a donation or as consignment (or little hand-made gifty items-we have yarn available for scarfs if you can make some for us!) just let Connie know... The gift shop will be open during events on grounds, Saturdays from noon to 4 pm and during the Country Parlor Holiday Folk Art & Gift Show days: November 29, 30, December 1; December 7 & 8, 10 am - 3 pm in the Naugles barn. 


We will again be demonstrating during the first weekend of the Country Parlor show: November 29 & 30 (Friday and Saturday) right after Thanksgiving, and.... selling raffle tickets and selling sewing type kits, patterns, fabrics and more. Please let Connie know if you can come out and sew and sell either one of those days. We will have our raffle quilts hanging in the classroom and holiday music going to get us in the spirit of the holidays... Hope to see you then! This will be our last Get Together/demo event until after the holidays. 


Our last opportunity to sell raffle tickets will be at the Suffolk County Museum during the carvers holiday fair, the first weekend of December (not sure of the date(s)), then the winning tickets will be pulled that Sunday! 


We were fortunate to meet the Mother of the lady who won our last yellow and blue quilt and she just loves it. Her daughter gave it to her because she loved it so much. She made a point to stop by and talk to us at two different events this year about it and to buy tickets for this year's quilt, which her daughter would love. Much of our proceeds go to help stabilize the textile collection, so our efforts are very much appreciated by the museum. This year we are buying Tyvek to line the shelving in the collections storage area to put a barrier between the shelving and the acid free boxes which hold the textiles.  This will help prolong the life of our very old textiles, which are a direct connection to the stories of the families who made them.  


For all you quilters who love old quilts, we will have a few days this Fall to work with the nearly 200 year old quilts, refolding them and reboxing them as supplies come in from our grant. More news on this soon! Dates TBA.


Our group will have a small article in the next Hallockville Museum newsletter (Fall) as the featured volunteer group! Last issue they featured the gardeners. It will be cool to share our endeavors with the members at large. 


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