Fall Greetings! 

Self-care, Wellness, Mindfulness 

These are twenty-first century words that have gained importance as our lives become increasing digital and the speed of life increases. We are expected to multitask and always be available via our electronic devices. I found the magazine below at the bookstore several months ago when my husband and I browsed through the magazine section on a date day. The article in the very front of the magazine "Finding Your Inner Piece-Give yourself a health break-pick up some stitching and reap mindfulness benefits of simply slowing down." by Emily Larson 

Slowing down and focusing on a handwork project can lift the chaos of day-to-day minutia and quiet your thoughts. I find this to be very true. My family has always used our hands to make things and used our minds in the pursuit of creativity. This time to use for inner reflection is very helpful while we deal with the current issues in the world and try to stay focused and healthy. 


Our group enjoys the relaxing hand arts and enjoys sharing them with others in a world which seems to be losing hand skills as a social and artful pursuit. We enjoy old things, old arts, simple pleasures and family.  


Be mindful and get sewin! 

Since our group can not meet in person, we will be  meeting virtually twice a month. See our Get Togethers page for more info!


The blogs to the side are just a few of the ways we are all staying busy...

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