This group is a partnership between needle workers on the East End of Long Island and Hallockville Museum Farm. Our purpose is to preserve the hand arts which were practiced on farms in the area and across the U.S. in the past and into today by sharing them with the public and learning together. 




Activities we participate in (depending on the time we each have available): 

  • Demonstrating needlework during events held on the grounds of Hallockville such as: the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair in May and the Country Fair in August. This is a fun time to share your skills with the public and commune with folks from other arts such as weavers, knitters, spinners, carvers and woodworkers in a historical setting.

  • Setting up exhibits of quilts or needlework to share with the public.

  • Working on quilts or items which benefit the museum.

  • Giving or taking workshops to share needlework arts with the public.  

  • Attending relaxing "get togethers" to share what you are working on, share a technique, loan a book, and commune with other needle workers, regardless of your skill level or specific needle art. 

  • Historic programs on quilting or needle arts 

  • Quilt Day Events

We welcome all who are interested regardless of skill level or specific needle interest. Please DO email us to subscribe to our email list (on the bottom of the home page) if you are interested, or stop by to see what we are all about. Specific dates and locations of get togethers are listed on the get together page on this web site.

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