Happy Holidays! 

A Time for Memories and Reflection

This year I made sure to put a personal message in each card I mailed out to friends. This reminds me of times when travel was slower, more complicated or beyond regular folks. We saw family less often and wrote letters to keep in touch, made gifts to mail along during the holidays and reflected on the past year by the fire while reading letters received from family. Whether we use modern technology or write a simple letter, it's important to take the extra steps to stay connected to others, explore something new, plan for the upcoming growing season or just keep our hands and minds busy. 

For 2021 the Hallockville Quilt and Stitch Group will continue to meet virtually, teach classes, sew hand made items for the gift shop, finish raffle quilts, share ideas and challenge each other. If you wish to join us, just let us know at hmfqasg@gmail.com. There's always something to do to help keep the hand sewing arts alive at the farm!


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